photographing children workshop

photographing children

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or educator let us help you learn to take beautiful photos of the children in your lives.


$125     9.30am-12.30pm     

Click here to book Friday 10 February, 2017


At fotografica we place equal weight on the technical and creative aspects of photography. In this workshop you will learn not only the right camera settings to create technically accurate images (no more accidentally blurry photographs!) but also ideas for creating images that really capture the spirit of the children you are photographing.

Concepts covered:

Camera settings

Photographing children requires in-depth knowledge of your camera - children move so quickly, the moments are lost if you don't know what settings to use. This section of the workshop will go through typical settings for a variety of shooting scenarios ranging from indoors with low-light right through to outside sports action.


Sometimes you need to add a little bit of sparkle to your images. Flash when used correctly can enhance or improve your images particularly outdoors, believe it or not! This session will go through fill-flash at an introductory level and will be relevant for both on-camera flash and speedlights.

Creative use of light

You will learn how the different qualities of light, such as contrast and direction, create mood and emotion (whether it be happiness or a moment of reflection) and are powerful tools of visual communication. It sounds obvious, but once you understand the light your photographs will sing.


How do you capture the essence of a child's soul or spirit?

In this session you will learn how to engage with children in a fun yet effective way that reveals who they are in all their unique, quirky and wonderful glory! You will also learn how and when to use clothing, props and posing to achieve the photographs you want.

Please be aware this workshop does not include information on newborn posing. Newborn photography is a specialist area of photography and the associated health and safety considerations are beyond the scope of this workshop.

Skill level: prior knowledge (even very basic) of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Ideally you would know what each of these controls do, and where they are located on your camera.

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