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fotografica phone photography workshop
fotografica phone photography workshop

phone photography

It's the camera we have with us all the time, and in this full-day workshop you'll learn how to use your phone to take great photos every time.

This hands-on workshop caters for photographers who are new to photography as well as photographers who have knowledge of SLR photography. Suitable for iPhone and Android smartphones.


$245     9am-3.30pm     


Topics covered include:


Whether you enjoy landscapes, people, travel or even macro photography learn how to compose your images to take into account the characteristics of phone camera lenses. There are a number of techniques that will ensure your images will have maximum impact!

Understanding light

Like all cameras, your phone camera needs light. You'll learn how to shoot in the bright light of the day and the low light of the late afternoon and evening, which require different strategies for phone cameras. Learn the different qualities of light too, and how they effect the mood and message of your images.


Most phone cameras have manual settings which when used can dramatically improve your images. Learn about exposure, white balance, face detection and many other controls including metering and ISO. Don't worry if you haven't heard of these controls before, you'll leave the workshop with a vast array of new knowledge.

Shooting apps

Learn which iPhone and Android apps work best for controlling shutter speed (want to get those beautiful blurry oceans swirling around rocks), macro, depth of field (portraits with blurred backgrounds).


Find out which accessories are essential or nice-to-have. We discuss tripods, lenses, grips, filters.

Photo editing apps

Need to remove a pimple or darken a background? Want to crop or apply a filter? Want to blend photos into double-exposures? Working on the photographs we've taken in the workshop we'll use the popular editing app Snapseed as well as other apps for creative collages and similar. What you learn will be applicable to most other editing apps. 

Sharing on social media

Learn how to share your phone photos on Instagram and facebook, getting the most out of both.

Skill level: suitable for all.

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