join me (lisa kurtz) in 2018

I've been going to Italy for 23 years and invite you to join me when I next visit in 2018.

If you would like to put your name down as an expression of interest please get in touch: 

My Italy trips run for 3 weeks. I appreciate you may like to stay on and I am happy to help you in planning any additional time in Italy if needed.

Below is information regarding itineraries, my role, accommodation, transport, costs. I can advise on other matters such as currency exchange, mobile phone and internet access, recommended equipment, clothing, insurance, etc closer to the departure date.



I've put together two possibilities. Either of these itineraries will provide a wonderful experience of Italy and I am passionate about all the locations included. The order of destinations in each itinerary may be reversed or altered, to take into account better prices for mid-week stays etc, or particular events in each location, but the flavour of the itinerary won't change. I keep the pace reasonable, however we can drop or add locations depending on the kind of experience you're after.

I recommend we are at our starting destination in Italy around September 15th. The weather is still warm, school holidays are over and life is returning to normal for Italians. This is still a peak season for tourists, and of course we could push the whole itinerary back, say, a month. If we did opt to travel in October, then Sicily is still comfortably warm.

Of course if none of these itineraries suit I can put together other options that will suit the interests of our group.

Proposed itinerary 1

Rome, Naples, Positano, Paestum, Tuscany

This is a focus on Rome, the south (known for its food, history, culture and natural beauty) and Tuscany. You can add Venice on as it is a natural extension of this itinerary.

Proposed itinerary 2


The island of Sicily is incredible and offers food, history, culture and natural beauty all wrapped up in the madness of the Sicilians. My dream is to retire here, spending long days at the beach and in the countryside. The simple (but crazy) life.


My role

I can offer photography tutoring and/or act as our tour co-ordinator. In either capacity, I am sure you will understand that I need to charge for my services as both of these roles involves a significant amount of time and expertise.

As a tour co-ordinator my role would include:

  • itinerary planning and budgeting
  • accommodation suggestions and bookings
  • restaurant recommendations and bookings if necessary on location
  • sourcing and booking guides, drivers, boat trips, transfers, taxis, trains etc
  • bookings for museum visits as agreed by the group
  • daily suggestions and directions for appropriate photography locations in each destination
  • daily suggestions and directions and bookings (if needed) for non-photography activities in each destination
  • a general level of responsibility for your wellbeing and tour enjoyment
  • I would need to be very strict about not offering tutoring or photographic support

I will charge a one-off per-person flat fee. I am also happy to help with any of your own personal Italy plans before or after the tour and that will have no fees and be done in goodwill.

As a tutor my role would include:

  • agreed periods of photographic support and teaching
  • notes where appropriate
  • image critique and review

and the fee will be negotiated directly with those who wish to engage me for tutoring. Again, this would not be exorbitant.

Fees will be advised once an itinerary has been confirmed.

If you have other ideas or expectations regarding my role we can discuss those, as I am very flexible with our arrangements.



In my experience it is always preferable to stay together in the same accommodation. Accommodation options are hotel rooms, self-catering apartments/houses/villas (we could share one or two apartments or even an entire house in some locations), agristurismo (farm-stays) and airbnb.



Most of our travel will be via private transfer in air-conditioned mini-vans, as they are often a similar cost per person to a train, however I ask that as a group we pack lightly as either option has space limitations. We may also be travelling, at times, along very windy roads (or on boats) so anyone who suffers motion sickness will need to take this into account.

A note on trains - in my extensive experience (23 years of catching trains in Italy), trains are challenging with anything more than hand-luggage. Whilst some train journeys offer interesting views, none in our itineraries are substantial enough to make the trains a must-do. But they are certainly a viable method of transport and we can discuss further.

A note on group size - once we go over 8, we start to need two mini-vans. If we go over 8, we then need to probably consider going to a group size more like 12 to make the cost of the vans reasonable. Or we have to consider hiring a car to take extra people. I can drive in Italy, even though I prefer not to, and there is something to be said for having a car available during some of the legs of our journey. We can discuss this further if necessary.



Likely to be around. $6500 pp including airfares, accommodation, transport, tours. My fee will be additional. Once an itinerary and group size has been confirmed it's easier to estimate costs.