If you've mastered the basics but want more out of your photography, an intermediate workshop will give you the tools and confidence you need.


$285     9.00am - 3.30pm     pdf notes included


At fotografica we place equal weight on the technical and creative aspects of photography. In this workshop you will learn more advanced technical skills and gain a deeper understanding of visual communication.

Concepts covered:

Metering modes, exposure compensation, reading histograms

Though quite technical, these settings also have a creative role to play.

By understanding how your camera meters, or reads, light you can ensure your images are exposed correctly or you can intentionally over or under expose / compensate for creative effect such as a silhouette, or high or low-key images. At fotografica we rate this as one of the most essential skills a photographer can have and we won't let you leave this workshop until you've got it!

Another important, and related skill, is learning how to read a histogram. The information provided by a histogram can be extremely useful in ensuring any exposure decisions you made gave you the results you wanted (irrespective of what you see on the back of your camera screen). The histogram never lies as long as you know how to interpret it!

White Balance, grey cards

Think of the warmth of the late summer afternoon light, the cool blue of early-morning winter, the yellow glow from a lamp. White Balance is the setting in your camera that allows you to enhance (or remove) these colours in your photographs, and we will discuss how colour can impact mood and expression in an image.

White Balance also plays a technical role as it is this setting that makes your whites white - think of a bride's dress and the variations of white that are possible! You will learn how to use a grey card (as well as a few other tricks of the trade) to get those whites right.

On-camera flash

Whilst it might appear daunting at first, understanding and using your on-camera flash is quite straightforward and fotografica tutors are skilled in teaching you how to use your flash to get the results you want.

We will cover auto and manual flash settings, as well as fill and bounce flash techniques.

(Whilst mostly suited for speedlights/speedlites, some of the information will still be relevant for pop-up flash.)

Visual Communication

As photographers we are visual communicators. In this session you will learn what makes a successful image and how you can become a stronger visual communicator with your photographs.

From lens choice to shooting angle, from leading lines to colour theory, from the psychology of reading photographs to the golden ratio, from high-key and low-key  to when to use b&w... this session in the workshop covers them all.

Photo editing

Using a variety of images you will be introduced to the controls available in photo editing software that allow you to enhance contrast, adjust colour and manipulate lighting as well as controls that straighten lines, remove blemishes, and convert your photos to b&w. We will demonstrate using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.