conceptual photography

If you want learn how to make photographs that are an expression of your ideas, this hands-on workshop guides you through the steps involved in making truly creative and original work. This workshop is limited to only 6 participants, due to its focus on individual work.


$315     9.00am - 4.00pm     pdf notes included


At fotografica we place equal weight on the technical and creative aspects of photography. In this workshop you will learn how to take a concept from idea through to final output, with an emphasis on making work on the day. An intense workshop but extremely rewarding.

Concepts covered:


Working through a number of exercises, you'll learn the science behind creativity and how to access those parts of your brain and psyche that generate ideas. This session sees you generating your own unique ideas bank.


Using metaphors in your work helps you think past the literal, past the descriptive. Metaphors are what give your work its voice.  We work with you to explore metaphorical interpretations of the ideas from your ideas bank. Be warned! Anything is possible!


Learn how to identity the right process for your work. It's important your process supports your ideas and can be achievable in your daily life. We provide hints and tips on different processes and strategies, ensuring you find one that suits you and your creative goals.

Technical considerations

Understand the technical requirements needed to drive your concepts and ideas. If you have any technical challenges or lack particular skills, this session of the workshop is dedicated to helping you overcome those to the point where you can start making work.

The Creative Cycle

Make, review, make more! The afternoon is dedicated to the creative cycle. Under the guidance of a fotografica tutor and using the skills you will have developed from the morning sessions, you will make work, review it (your tutor will lead a constructive and supportive group critique), refine it and make it again. This cycle of make, review, make more is what ensures you make the best possible work you can.

Final output

The workshop ends with a discussion on the many options available for final output. Are you planning to print? We'll go through different paper stocks and their suitability for your concept. Are you planning to exhibit? We'll talk about the logistics involved, pricing, etc. Are you printing a book?  Maybe your work needs to be projected? We'll cover a range of possibilities, always bringing them back to their suitability for your concept.