communicating with colour

Tickled pink, feeling blue, or green with envy? Colour plays a central role plays in our lives, in our visual experiences and as a metaphor for emotions. It is also one of the most significant tools we have as photographers to communicate and evoke responses to our images. This workshop is filled with practical hands-on exercises and you will finish the day with a complete understanding of colour and how to use it in your own work.


$245     9.00am-3.30pm     


Topics covered include:

Colour theory

Colour has been written about since the time of Aristotle. We will look briefly at colour wheels, the Pantone system for colour classification, RGB vs CMYK,  as well as some of the science that sits behind our perception of colour. You will also learn the definitions and differences between hue, value, intensity, tint, tone and shade. 

Colour psychology

Learn the answers to: How and why do we respond emotionally to colour? What are the different meanings for colours? How do these vary within different cultures? Why do certain colours work better together than others?

Communicating with colour

Working through a series of practical exercises you will discover how colour can have physiological effects on a viewer's heartbeat, body temperature and metabolism. From here you can use colour to generate an immediate reaction from your viewer, or perhaps you would prefer to invite viewers to form a more contemplative relationship with your images. Perhaps you want viewers to feel uneasy, or you want to surprise or shock. Colour will tell your stories in a way no other element of design can!

Correcting, enhancing and manipulating colour

In this session we look at the controls available in photo editing software that allow you to correct, enhance or manipulate colour. We will demonstrate using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Skill level: suitable for all.